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How to learn telekinesis and develop your abilities

What is Telekinesis?

Lets start our search into what is telekinesis with a definition. From there we will look at the hows and why's telekinesis works, then follow up with information on things you can personally do to increase your telekinetic ability. gives several definitions as to what is telekinesis. All are similar, yet there are some distinct differences in what the exact meaning is.

Basically what they are telling us is no one has a verifiable explanation as to what is telekinesis. There has been too much evidence to say it does not exist. Yet there is no 100% scientifically verifiable proof that it exists. Don't let that stop you however because it was not but a little over 100 years ago in which scientists of the time absolutely knew it was impossible for man to build a machine that could fly. They were wrong about airplanes and anyone that says telekinesis does not exist is wrong too.

Now that we have a working definition of what is telekinesis, let's see if we can find out exactly what is telekinesis? After all, it is one thing to move an object with your mind, but it is another to understand the how and why anyone might be capable of moving objects with their mind.

If you have not read my article titled, Understanding Energy, I urge you to stop now and read that article. It explains much of what we are speaking about here. Telekinesis is about using your personal energies and causing them to interact with the energies of the object you are attempting to cause changes in.

How do energies interact?

The biggest problem that the vast majority of people seeking to gain an understanding of what is telekinesis, is that no one knows exactly how to cause their personal energies to interact with the energies of the object they are attempting to manipulate. It is only through trial and error that those of use who have shown some success, have been able to accomplish the things we have done.

The main reason so few people can show their telekinetic abilities on a moments notice is that the area of our brains that is capable of converting energies is not developed completely (yet). It is the same with the area of the brain that can sense psychic energies. Yet each year science gets a little closer to devising a way to measure the energies, our minds and body can already sense. The confusion comes in because people tend to think if science can not measure something it does not exist and on the flip side, if science can measure something than we have full knowledge and the ability to use it. Both concepts are wrong.

There are energies science knows it can not yet measure, but yet we know those energies are there. You have to remember that on the grand scale of universal knowledge, we humans are actually just babies. We have made tremendous leaps and bounds in our knowledge in the past 50 years, but there are still tremendous leaps to be gained. I expect at some future point in time, virtually everyone will be able to self teleport and no one will be able to lie about anything because we will all be mind readers.

We are not there yet however and it will be those of us who are putting forth the effort to advance these abilities in mankind, who will be the fore fathers of these abilities. We are the ones who, through our practice and meditations are causing the changes within our brains that will develop into the telepathic abilities of the future.

Don't get discouraged

Do not allow your lack of ability to immediately move an object to cause you to give up. The day will come when you will see some results. It may not be earth shaking the first time it happens, but it will be enough so that you know in your heart, it was your mind that caused the movement.

Do not fool yourself however into allowing your testing to be sloppy. So many of the young people involved in learning what is telekinesis expect instant overnight success and they hurriedly make a psi wheel out of any objects they have on hand and proceed to use it without bothering to block outside forces from causing the movement.

If you choose to make a psi wheel, take the time to make sure it is balanced and will sit level on the upright. To do otherwise sets up a situation where the movement of the earth itself can cause movement in your psi wheel. Also, make sure you cover your psi wheel with a clear glass or plastic container so no stray winds can cause movement. Many people do not realize it but our hands are usually much warmer than the air around us and as heat transfers, it actually creates its own form of mild wind. (heat rises) This is why many people see results when they place their bare hands around their psi wheel.

If you don't take precautions to prevent these things from happening, you are only fooling yourself and you will end up being let down in the end. Take the time to do things right and when you do get that first movement, you will know it came from you and not some outside force, and you will then understand with your mind, body and soul, what is telekinesis.

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