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PSI Wheel

Level - Beginner

You can buy a PSI Wheel (sometimes written as psiwheel or psi-wheel) at most any metaphysical store for less than $10. But you probably have everything you need to make a one laying around your house right now. All it takes is a small square of aluminum foil or a piece of paper, a regular sewing needle and something to hold the needle in an upright position. A small lump of clay works great for this. If you don't have any clay, a paper cup turned upside down, a pin cushion or a small pillow will work. I prefer to also have a clear glass or a jar to put over the psi wheel when I use it.

Simply cut your foil into a square. One about 2 inches square is a good size, but a little smaller or larger will still work most of the time. From my personal experience, a large wheel is not any harder to turn than a smaller wheel. The main thing you want to consider is will the finished wheel fit under your glass or jar with enough room for the wheel to turn.

Fold the square of foil in half to form a rectangle. Open the rectangle back up but do not uncrease it. Simply fold the opposite corners over to form another rectangle. Your goal here is to crease the foil in both directions from corner to corner. Open the foil back up but do NOT fold it out flat. Leave it with a point in the middle sticking up and the 4 corners even around the lower edge.

Stick your needle, point side up in the clay (or whatever you are using), then balance the center point of the foil on the needle like a hat for the needle. Place your psi wheel in a place where you can see it while sitting at a comfortable distance from the it. Place your clear glass or jar over the it so no stray wind can cause it to move and you are ready to start working with it!

Use your mind power to turn the foil (wheel) around on the pin. In the early stages, it really doesn't matter which way it turns. Try to turn it one way for a while and if that doesn't work for you then try to turn it the other way. As with all of the exercises, try to become one with the item. Visualize your minds energy down to the cellular level and see it mesh with the cells of the foil wheel and make it turn.

Additional Thoughts and ideas about PSI Wheels

1- Many people will tell you to place your hand(s) near the PSI wheel. If, and only if you have a glass over the wheel is this acceptable because the heat of your hand warms air around them and can cause the wheel to turn. The only way to be 100% sure you are turning it with your mind, is to have it under glass. All the YouTube videos you see where people are putting their hands next to the psi wheel must be discounted because they did not take the necessary precautions to prevent heat rising from their hands causing the wheel to turn.

2- Everyone talks about not being able to turn the psi wheel when they put in under glass. What they fail to understand is the purpose of the psi wheel is to practice telekinesis, not prove that hot air rises. It is most assuredly harder to move it when it is under glass, but once you accomplish it, you can say in no uncertain terms that you have telekinetic abilities. Those that do not use a glass over their psi wheel can not say the same.

3- It is 100% up to you whether you choose to use foil or paper to make your wheel. Some people believe foil helps them while others believe paper helps them. Try one and if you don't like the results, try the other. Use the one that feels right for you personally.

4- One of the most asked questions is how do you get the energy in your mind to move the wheel. Sadly, I do not know of anyone that can do this on a regular basis, which makes it almost impossible to say exactly how to do it. I have done it on several occasions and they were under glass when I did it. I have always made sure the wheel was situated on a table that was strong and steady, so no stray movements could have caused the movement. But I can not do it on demand (any time I want to)

5- Every time I have been able to move the it, I was using a combination of allowing energy to flow from my body and into the wheel and at the same time, visualizing energy flowing from my body. This works sometimes and sometimes it does not work. I have spoke with others that say they only get results when they allow the energy to flow down their arms. You need to play around with it and find what works for you.

6- A major word of advice. You will see people (mostly kids) posting all over the internet about the fantastic results they get. Don't believe 99.9% of it. At the same time, don't cut them down for it. Belief is a big part of this, but don't fool yourself into thinking this is going to be easy. Like anything else in this world, you have to work for it. You will get better results by practicing for 5 to 15 minutes a day, almost every day than you will practicing for hours at a time. It could literally take weeks to see results but keep at it. If you give up you will never accomplish it.

7- If you find you have been practicing for weeks and not getting any results, you might want to examine your motives for wanting to learn how to do telekinesis. Many people, myself included believe that there is a system in place that prevents people from abusing these abilities. If you are wanting to learn so you can steal from someone or cause harm to another person, you are wasting your time even trying to learn.

8- As you search for additional information to help in your studies, keep in mind that many people misspell words, so be sure to also look for variations such as psiwheel and psi-wheel

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