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Learn Telekinesis Training
How to learn telekinesis and develop your abilities

Learn Telekinesis Training Exercise 1 - Pen Roll

Level - Beginner

Supplies needed:

A flat surface to work on
A comfortable chair to sit in
An ink pen or pencil that is round and without a cap.

Notes on the best pen or pencil to use:

or this exercise, you are looking for a pen that is as close to possible to being completely round. If you can put the pen on a table in front of you and then blow hard across the pen and it rolls, it is probably a good pen to use for this exercise.

Your goal is to get a pen that has the least resistance as possible. Once you have mastered this pen, you can switch to one with flat sides to add extra drag and make the exercises harder.

Pen Roll telekinesis Exercise Instructions

Sit in a comfortable position with the table in front of you at a comfortable height. Make sure the table surface is flat and make sure you do not bump the table so there is no chance of accidentally making the pen roll.

Take a few moments to relax and calm your breathing and your mind. Use the energy of your mind to make the pen roll across the table.

Try all of the ways of "becoming one" with the object that were mentioned in our article Energy versus Thought Waves. Basically, think of the energy of your mind flowing like waves from your brain to the pen and see (visualize) the pen rolling across the table.

In the early stages, you will probably need to put a lot of effort behind the energy. Remember you are building a muscle that has never been used before and it takes effort to build a muscle. The old saying, no pain, no gain applies to your brain muscle just as much as any other muscle.

The first sign that it is working for most people is you will see the pen start to shake a little. Perhaps it will move a quarter of an inch and then immediately roll back to where it began at leaving you unsure if it actually moved or not. Don't let these small victories make you doubt your ability to do it.

You should view them as victories and not failures because they are victories. It proves you are doing the right things to build your brain power. It lets you know you are on the right path and that you are already tapping into your abilities.

Those that choose to look at minor successes as failures, will have to work much harder and longer to develop their abilities because doubt only serves to build a wall between you and yours abilities. So keep at it an before you know it, you will be rolling that pen across the table at break neck speed!

Keep practicing. The more you practice, the quicker you will see movement. Most people do not see immediate results, but you will see results if you do not give up.

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