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How to learn telekinesis and develop your abilities

Learn Telekinesis Training Exercise #2 - Paper Push

Level - Beginner

Supplies needed:

A 2 inch square piece of paper
A flat table to work on

This is a simple exercise that only takes a moment to prepare for which makes it easy to do almost anywhere when you find yourself with a little extra time, such as while waiting for your car to be repaired, or waiting for your turn at the doctors office. The measurements do not have to be exact for this. I suggest a 2 inch square simply because it is small and weighs almost nothing. Plus if need be you can always tear a small corner off a napkin to use in a pinch.

Take your small piece of paper and fold all 4 corners in to the center. Crease the paper but allow the corners to pop back up so you have a flat paper on the table and 4 little tabs sticking up that you can use to mentally push against.

Place the paper on the table in front of you and use telekinesis to make the paper move by mentally pushing on the corners. Remember what we talked about in earlier articles about becoming one with the paper. In your minds eye look at the paper from the aspect of the cellular level. See your energy connecting with the cells of the paper and pushing it across the table.

That is all there is to it. Just make sure there are no stay winds that could push your paper along and practice, practice, practice!

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