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Learn Telekinesis Training
How to learn telekinesis and develop your abilities

A beginners Guide to Learn Telekinesis

Many people wish they had telekinesis abilities, but most people have been told all of their lives that telekinesis does not exist. The truth is anyone can learn telekinesis. In fact, you already have telekinetic abilities. For most people, their abilities are laying dormant. With effort and practice, those abilities can be brought to the surface. This article is about how to begin to bring your abilities to the surface so you can use them in your everyday life.

Before we get started, let's look at what telekinesis is all about. Unlike the movie's and the comic books, you will not find anyone capable of tossing cars around like toys or lifting a couple of building before breakfast just to keep in practice. It is possible these types of abilities will exist in the future when mankind has evolved a bit further. For now however, the best most people will see is the occasional movement of small objects. You may get lucky and turn out to be one of the few that can perform tk on demand. For most however, their abilities come in spurts and rarely perform on demand.

You might be thinking that telekinesis is not real because so few can perform in on demand. I personally believe the average person can not perform on demand because as a whole the human race has not developed morally and spiritually enough to be able to handle these abilities. That does not change the fact that telekinesis is a very real ability. It is slowly but surely starting to awaken in people around the world.

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with the power of your mind. You do not use your physical strength, only mental strength instead. This means persons with physical disabilities can learn telekinesis just as easily as the worlds greatest athlete. In fact, physical handicaps could actually give you an advantage in learning telekinesis because many people with physical handicaps tend to have better concentration.

Concentration is the Key

Concentration is of the utmost importance for anyone trying to learn telekinesis and the deeper you can concentrate, the faster you can develop your telekinetic abilities. So spend time developing your ability to concentration abilities before you start trying to do telekinesis.

Always start your concentration exercises by finding a quiet, relaxing place to work. You want someplace comfortable, but most people do better if they do not lay down, especially if you have a tendency to fall asleep easily. Take a few deep breathes and let all thoughts and tensions release from your body. When you are ready, find a spot on a wall or a small item on a shelf.

Keep your eyes focused on the spot, but do not strain your eyes to look at it. Just keep your eyes on the object and don't allow your mind to wander. If it does start to wander, gently bring your mind back to focus on the chosen object. Don't berate yourself. It happens to everyone, especially when you are learning to control your mind. Simply pull your attention back to your object with the least mental chatter as possible.

This may sound easy, but most people can not concentrate on an object for a full minute when they are starting to train. Your goal should be to be to keep your mind focused on the object without your mind wandering for a full 5 minutes or more. Take the time to get your concentration skills developed before you start trying to learn telekinesis. You'll get much better results if you can keep your mind from wandering for a minimum of 5 minutes and 10 to 15 minutes would be even better.

Most people can not Concentrate ofr 20 seconds

It is important to note, keeping your mind focused can be extremely difficult for some people. Many of the common foods we eat are filled with Monosodium Glutamate also known as MSG. Manufacturers have gotten tricky in how they list the chemicals in their food because MSG has a very bad name in the health food industry. Any time you see ingredients such as "Natural Flavors", Corn protein, soy protein, yeast extract and many others, it is nothing more than a form of MSG. MSG us and excitotoxin and for many people it ruins their ability to concentrate. Sadly, MSG is only one of the many food that can effect our ability to concentrate.

Don't get upset with yourself if you don't come close to concentrating for a full minute in the early stages. It is VERY normal. Just don't give up. Practice makes perfect.

Spin a Psi Wheel or Roll a Pencil

The part of your brain that controls telekinesis is currently inactive in the vast majority of people. Luckily, the brain is a muscle and like any muscle, it gets stronger with exercise. So the key to developing your telekinesis abilities is to work that muscle! Once your concentration abilities have developed, you will need an object to practice telekinesis on. A PSI Wheel is one of the easiest things for people to start with. If you do not have access to one, you can make one yourself. You'll find free instructions at

Another easy item for beginners is a round pencil or pen. You just need to make sure it is perfectly round, without any cap or clip that could prevent it from rolling. Set the object you choose on a table in front of you. Make sure the object is completely still before you start. You want to be in a comfortable position and relaxed before you start.

Science has proven that everything is made of energy. As we all know, energy can be measured and seen with the right tools. The combination of our eyes and our brains gives us the tools we need to be able to see and feel the energy of an item. When everything is ready, look at your object. You want to try to see and feel the energy of the object. It may be hard to find to begin with, but it is there. Some people do better looking at the object with their eyes open while others do better looking at the object with their minds eye.

Once you find the energy field of the item, take a few moments to explore that energy field. How does it feel? If you can see it, what does it look like? Is it strong or weak? Does it feel warm or cool? Does it feel soft or hard? Once you have a good idea of what the items energy feels like, switch your focus to your own body and feel the energy field around your body. Go through all the same tests you went through with your item.

Use your Psychic Energy

Last but not least, when you you have a good idea of what both the energy fields feel like, use your mind to stretch your energy field out toward your item. See with either your actual eyes or minds eye and watch the item move. Spin the wheel if you are using a PSI wheel or roll the pencil across the table if you are using one. Get a firm picture in your mind of the object in it's new position.

Did your item move? If your item has not moved, don't get discouraged. Very few people manage to move an object their first try when they start to learn telekinesis. Just remember that you need to build your psychic muscle and that might not happen overnight. Just continue to practice and it will come.

Keep in mind, you are overcoming a lifetime worth of being told you can not do it and that doesn't happen overnight. Think about it this way. How long would it take you to go from your current body to having the body of a body builder? For most people, it won't happen overnight and could easily take a year or more of training every single day before your muscles become that finely tuned.

Keep practising to learn telekinesis and before you know it, you will be able to amaze your friends by moving objects around the room or you may be able to let the cat out without having to get up to open the door.

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