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Learn Telekinesis Training
How to learn telekinesis and develop your abilities

Concentration Exercises #1

Before you can start learning telekinesis, it is imperative that you build your ability to concentrate. Without concentration, you will never be able to manipulate the energy to cause movement in an object, bend the flame of a candle or any other telekinetic or psychokinetic ability. Our concentration exercises where developed specifically to help in these areas.

I can not stress enough how important concentration is. The vast majority of people will tell you they have no problem with concentration. In actuality however, virtually everyone that does not practice concentration exercises on a regular basis has problems concentrating. In fact, the average person can not give 100% concentration to any subject for over 1 minute.

Please understand that a lack of concentration is nothing to be ashamed of. The world has become so complicated it is hard to find time to let go of the hustle and bustle of life and let your mind just BE for a change. We are constantly bombarded by advertising, noise, commercials, ringing phones, motors on the fridge, dishwasher, cars, trucks, horns blowing, people talking and airplanes overhead. Let's not forget the less noticeable sounds like the hum of electricity as it moves through the wires and all of the unseen and unheard waves of light and sound that moves through the air around us.

Regularly practising concentration exercises and reaching the point where you can hold a single thought for an absolute minimum of 5 minutes will make your telekinesis training advance much faster. This is also the same for persons learning magic or any of the various divination methods such as tarot, runes or scrying.

Also, don't cheat yourself. If a stray thought comes into your mind, your concentration has been broken. It is NOT ok to tell yourself to let it go and keep the timer going as if nothing has happened. Your concentration broke so stop the clock and start again. Attempting to fool others by pretending it did not happen only hurts your progress.

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Concentration Exercises #1

As mentioned earlier, the ability to concentrate is imperative for anyone that wants to learn to manipulate energy to move objects, bend them or any other telekinetic or psychokinetic ability. This exercise serves a few purposes. It requires concerted effort on your part to prevent your eyes from being drawn away from the center dot toward one of the other of the colored dots. It also gives you verifiable proof of when you are doing the exercise correctly which is lacking in most of the exercises I have seen.

Concentration Exercises #1 Instructions

ind a time when you'll have at least 15 to 20 minutes undisturbed. The only supplies you will need for this exercise is paper and pen and a watch or clock to note time.

Before starting, spend a few moments relaxing your mind and body. It helps to do some deep breathing exercises. If you meditate this would be a good time to spend a few moments in a meditative state.

When you are ready, Click Here to view the image. Your goal is to keep your mind and vision focused on the small black dot in the center of the image for as long as possible. If your mind starts to wander, stop the exercise, calm yourself and try again. Start by making note of the time, then concentrate on the small black dot as long as possible. When your concentration is broken for any reason, note the time to see how long you were able to concentrate and then start over.

Don't be surprised if you start to see movement or an aura around the colored circles. This is very normal and in fact can be used as an exercise to help you learn to see auras. Just don't allow it to take your concentration away from the small dot. Do not allow thoughts to come into your mind and break your concentration. Just push the thought away and bring your concentration back to the dot.

With practice you should start to find that by the time your concentration is broken, when you check the time you are amazed to see 10, 15 even 30 minutes have passed but it feels like only a few moments. This is when you will know you are concentrating deeply.

With continued practice these concentration exercises can be maintain at least 5 minutes and 15 would be much better, before moving on to the next exercise.

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Concentration Exercises #2

After you have practiced Concentration Exercises #1 for a while, it will probably get a little boring. After all, who really wants to sit and stare at a tiny black dot for a long period of time. But the exercise really does serve a purpose and everyone should be able to maintain their concentration for at least 5 minutes before moving on to this exercise. I promise you this one has a twist to it that you will like!

Once again, you will be concentrating on a photo, but this time, instead of just trying to keep your concentration on the image, you want to sort of merge with the image.

As you concentrate on the image, start to realize what the petals feel like. Are they smooth or rough, cold or warm, wet or dry. Slowly let the feeling you are getting from the petals cover your whole body, until it feels almost as if you have merged with the petal.

As you continue to concentrate on both the sight and the feel of the petals, slowly allow your vision to switch from looking at the petal to looking out from the petal. See what the remainder of the flower looks like from the vantage point of being one with the petal. Allow your concentration to move around the entire flower, top, bottom and inside.

Know what it feels like to be the flower. Continue to examine the flower from the viewpoint of being a part of the flower until you are satistifed you have seen the entire flower, then pull your concentration out of the flower and return to your normal point of view.

Most people that do this exercise find that when they return to their normal perspective, anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour has passed but it seems to them as if only a few minutes have gone by. One final thing that will determine if you are doing this exercise correctly or not is when you are back to your normal perspective, you should feel relaxed but with plenty of energy. In fact this is actually a great exercise to do mid day when your energy level drops to re-energize yourself.

Do this exercise as often as needed to reach the point where you are staying in the view point of the flower for at least 20 minutes or longer. I then suggest you do it at least a couple of times per month to stay in practice.

So take a few moments to relax, breath deeply and when you are ready, Click Here to view the image and get started.

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Concentration Exercises #3

If you have been practicing the first two concentration exercises till you can accomplish the minutes set in each exercise, you should be able to handle the following exercise with no problem.

I've included 3 levels of this exercise because some people find this exceptionally easy while others struggle with it. The only difference between the 3 versions is the distance between the two objects you will be concentrating with.

For all 3 versions, sit at a comfortable distance from the computer screen in a relaxed manner. Then hold your finger approximately half way between the screen and your eyes. Using your field of vision as your guideline, align the tip of your finger just below and between the two images.

Your concentration should be on the tip of your finger. Allow the focus of your eyes to blur slightly and you will begin to see the two images move closer to each other in your field of vision. Your goal is to align the two images on top of each other so that you see an equal armed cross in the center and maintain that alignment for at least 1 minute, 5 minutes would be much better.

Once you have managed the minimum time on a regular basis, move on to the 2nd version of the exercise where the images are a little further apart and therefore a little harder. When you accomplish the 2nd version, move on to the 3rd. By the time you accomplish the 3rd version on a regular basis, you will be a pro at controlling your concentration, if you have been honest with yourself and have practices the exercises instead of just thinking your 15 seconds is enough.

For version number 1, the easiest Click Here

For version number 2 Click Here

For version number 3, the hardest Click Here

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Concentration Exercises #4

This concentration exercise also involves the eyes and the brain but most people find it a little easier because it does not require you to unfocus your eyes the way the exercises with two photos does.

For these concentration exercises, all you need is a small piece of colored paper that is a different color than the walls of the room you will be working in. A post it note works fine for this. The shape of the paper does not matter, you can make it round or square or any shape you like. If you are not using a post it note, you will also need a small piece of tape.

Determine where you are going to sit and stick the paper to the wall across the room from you at about eye level. You don't want it too high or too low or your neck could get stiff.

Focus your concentration on the paper. Allow all other thoughts to simply float away from your mind. You want to concentrate WITHOUT words. Don't think about the fact it is a piece of paper, don't think about it's color, just keep your concentration on it without any thoughts or words coming into your mind.

Set a goal of about 3 minutes to start. Only when you get to the point where you can spend a full 3 minutes without your concentration drifting off onto anything else, then you can stretch the minutes to 4, 5 or more.

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