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First Line Reporting Skills

All across our planet, as newer and stronger technology is being developed, "unusual" things are being seen. As someone who believe that human capabilities are in their infancy, it is easy to get excited about every new report we hear about. It is important that we want to be taken seriously and if we expect others to take us seriously, we must treat our reports of various unexplained happening as seriously as we want to be taken.

Don't rush to report every little new and/or strange thing you hear about. Approach each instance as a reporter of facts, not a reporter of the bizarre and unusual meant only to tease the populous. There are plenty of things out there deserving to be reported. It is preferable that you do a through job of reporting a single real event over a sloppy job of reporting multiple "less than real" events.

When reporting events dealing with any of the mind abilities, it is important to make sure the person covered all of their bases before beginning the experiment. For instance, if a person is claim to be able to spin a psi wheel, do they have in on a flat, steady table? One way to check this is to place a class of water on the table. If the water is vibrating, the table is picking up vibrations from somewhere and this will cause a psi wheel to spin. Is the psi wheel under glass? If not, there is no way to know if a stray wind moved the psi wheel.

When reporting a psychic events such as precognition, esp etc., it is important to check whether the people involved had prior contact. Prior contact does not always mean they could have found out things ahead of time, but there is always the possibility of collusion between the parties. A little research into friends and neighbors could tell you they are known for pulling practical jokes.

No matter the situation in which the events were reported to you, always try to disprove them before accepting them as real. This does not mean you do not believe in these abilities, it means you take your work seriously and do not want to allow anyone to take advantage of you, just so they can have their 15 minuts of fame.

Even if you see these events with your own eyes, make every effort to determine if it happened the way it appeared to happen. I once had someone to build a small vibrator he attached to his shoe. After he sat down, he placed his foot against the table leg and as he went through the motions of attempting to move the psi wheel, he turned on his little vibrator. It caused just enough vibration in the table to make the psi wheel slowly turn. Had it not been for my sensitive hearing, I would had never know it was happening.

We are the forerunners of the greatest advancement in human history and it is important that we work to ensure the entire field of study stays on track. We must prevent the non-believers from damaging our image. The best way to do that is double check everything before you tell others about it. Get your facts straight, document everything via photo, video and interviews with those involved.

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