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Psychokinesis is an umbrella term used to cover all the various forms of the movement of matter using the brain or thought energy. Perhaps the best known type of psychokinesis is known as telekinesis which is the movement of matter. Other types include aerokinesis: the movement of air, pyrokinesis: the movement of fire, aquakinesis: the movement of water and many others.

Thanks to Hollywood's use of the terms telekinesis and psychokinesis virtually synonymously in many cases, in much of the public's mind, telekinesis still reigns as the main term to use, which is why it is used on this site more often than psychokinesis. To be politically correct however, one should see the term psychokinesis as including telekinesis and many other forms of kenetic abilities.

Psychokinesis Test

Here's a simple little test to see if you can influence the outcome of a random number. This random number generator will only pick either the number 1, 2 or 3. Decide which number you want to show up, then attempt to use your brain to make that number show when you reload the page.

Did you try to make it pick: 2

Feel free to try as often as you like. Simply reload the page once you know what number you want to have randomly picked.

There are many who think psychokinesis does not exist because to date, tests done to try to prove or disprove its existence have shown less than acceptable results. However, many of us, myself included believe these abilities are like all of the various abilities that involve the mind in that for the most part, with most people the ability works when it wants to which makes it hard for anyone to perform on demand.

Another aspect that may affect peoples abilities to be able to perform on demand could well be the stress that goes along with attempting to perform on demand. It is a known psychological fact that many people who are supremely intelligent tend to score poorly on most types of tests, simply because they can not work at their best when under stress and they find the testing procedure to be very stressful.

Keep in mind that just 200 years ago, most people thought the idea of a person flying through the air was preposterous and it has only been a little over 100 years since the Wright brothers managed the first true flight. Yet here we are today capable of taking people to the moon and sending robots to Mars, and we already have our eyes set on more distant planets.

The number of instances where no one has been able to disprove the results people have gotten in their attempts to use psychokinesis is simply too big to completely forget about the possibility that at some point in time, this will be as common to mankind as walking, for over and over again, we have seen people who never thought they had any type of abilities actually accomplished movement of an object.

This site is dedicated to providing information on things anyone can do at home to help develop their psychokinesis abilities. The main things we urge everyone to be aware of is to not fool yourself into thinking you have done better than you really did.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make on a regular basis is to use a psi wheel and not put it under glass. If the air around your hands is a good bit warmer or cooler than the temperature of your hands and you hold your hand near your psi wheel, you hands will cause the air to move which can and often does, move the psi wheel. By putting it under glass you can be sure that no stray winds will cause the wheel to turn on its own.

Sadly I receive letter all the time where people tell me they don't want to use a glass because it never moves when it is under glass. That is only because they never really learned how to move it with their mind and they were simply fooling their selves into believing they had developed their psychokinesis abilities. Put in the little extra effort to ensure your testing is not compromised and you will be much better off in the long run.

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