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Magical Herbs

Magickal herbs have been used in protective magic since ancient times. Using them can be as simple as spreading the herbs around a person, item or place. You might choose to make a protective floor wash,sachets or incense. Others might prefer to use the herbs in various rituals. Either way you choose to use them, allowing their protective energies to go to work can save you from future troubles.

Grow Fennel in your yard

Fennel is a highly protective herb that will ward off evil of all kinds, including the evil from the hearts of men and evil spirits. It makes a beautiful plant for flower beds or rock gardens and becomes a natural shield to protect you and your home.

Plant Holly Bushes near your home

Plant holly bushes near your home to protect your home from lightening strikes and keep evil of all types away from your home. In ancient times it was believe that by having holly growing near your home, one could never be poisoned and you would never be bothered with spirits who intended to cause trouble around your home. If for some reason you can not grow Holly around your home, it is believed by simply hanging a small branch on the outside of your house, all these same qualities can be achieved.

Holly is also considered to be a lucky plant, especially if you choose to carry a small piece with you it is said to bring good luck your way. If you find your nights are haunted by bad dreams or "something" keep you awake, take a few leaves of holly, wrap them in a cloth and place them under your pillow. The protective properties will keep the dreams away so you can sleep peacefully once again.


Burn mistletoe as an incense, in your fireplace or a bonfire in your yard to send any evil or negative energies in or around your home packing. In medieval times, mistletoe was hung over door to keep demons from entering the home. This was also done to prevent lightening from striking the home. It may sound funny but in other times it was hung over the door to attract love. If someone is ill, place some in a pouch for them carry with them. It has been used in the past to chase sickness away. If bad dreams are keeping you awake, especially if they are caused by spirits hanging around, place mistletoe under the bed.


Add whole bay leaves to any sachet used in your home as a general protection measure for your home. You can also soak bay leaves in water for 3 days, then strain the water and sprinkle it in a circle around your home for protection.

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