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PSI versus Telekinesis versus Psychokinesis

The terms PSI, telekinesis and psychokinesis have been used interchangeably by many people for years. This has resulted in many disagreement and major arguments on boards and forums. Of course each person has their own idea of what these terms mean. However many people are confused and unsure which way to turn when one of these terms pops up in conversations. This article looks at the three terms in comparison to each other to see if perhaps we can cut through some of the confusion for you.

If you Google the term :PSI" there is little information on the term as it relates to any sort of paranormal brain activities. You will see that it is the 23 rd letter of the Greek alphabet and it stands for Pounds per Square Inch. Those PSI definitions are related to different fields of study and have nothing to do with us.

The term PSI is fairly new and used more often by younger generations. Many scientist who work in the paranormal field do not recognize the term as valid in their field, while others accept it. No one is 100% sure where the term was coined, but it appears to have started life as a shortened form of psychokinesis. Perhaps to make it easier to use in text messages.

The term telekinesis is the oldest having been coined during the Spiritualist movement of the late 1800's. Psychokinesis was coined in the early 1900's in an attempt to distance the study of these events from the many charlatans who gave Spiritualism such a bad rap.

Basically, all three terms refer to the same thing(s), one or more of the various mind abilities. This includes but is not limited to, telekinesis, aerokinesis, all the many other kinesis's and all types of psychic abilities such as esp, clairvoyance etc., etc. I may be old fashioned, but I still prefer to use the term telekinesis when dealing with any of the kinesises and psychic abilities when dealing with any of the mind abilities that deal with knowing anything that would not normally be known through regular channels.

The two can be further broken down as telekinesis dealing with manipulation of matter and psychic abilities dealing with the manipulation of knowledge or the knowing thereof.

To make matters even worse, we now have every type of "kinesis" you can imagine. Aerokinesis, aquakinesis and many more. Many people, myself included sort of lump all of them under the term telekinesis. Other people literally become offended if you suggest their favorite kinesis doesn't need its own special name.

All of this confusion is probably nothing more than a marketing ploy, so why worry about it. We all know we are talking about various mind abilities and we don't need a new term to break the subject down into deeper categories. Far too many people are spending far too much time on arguing about various terms when that time would be best spent on practicing. Don't get so hung up on the terms that you loose site of your goal. Develop your powers and don't worry about what others decide to call it. They probably can't do what you are doing anyway, so their opinion doesn't really matter.

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