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How to learn telekinesis and develop your abilities

Pyschokinesis Training exercise - Swing the Pendulum

For this psychokinesis exercise you will need a pendulum. If you don't have a pendulum already you can make one yourself with the following directions

Psychokinesis Training - psychokinesis training tool

Think of the pendulum as being a psychokinesis training tool. To make a pendulum, you need to find something to hang from a cord. The item should be reasonably heavy in comparison to the weight of the string, cord or chain you will be hanging it from. At the same time however, don't let the pendulum be too heavy. Most people that are just learning psychokinesis do better with lighter weight objects in the beginning.

For some people there can be a psychological holding back on a heavier item because as someone just learning psychokinesis, you subconsciously believe you do not have enough power or training yet to be able to move a heavier item. Rest assured that it take no more energy to move a 1 ounce object hanging from a string than it does to move a 2 ounce object. This might not hold true when you are talking about trying to move a 4000 pound car versus a 20,000 pound truck, but a small difference in weight is not going to make any difference in your ability to move it.

Learn Psychokinesis - choosing your pendulums weight

You also want your pendulum to be as evenly weighted across it's surface as possible. Some people use a ring, but it will work best with a ring that does not have a stone in it and is perfectly round. If your rings are like mine and are slightly warped from wearing them for years they will not be balanced enough to use.

Once you have a pendulum, you want to hang it somewhere so you can sit in front of it in a comfortable position. Make sure you hang the pendulum somewhere so it will not be moved by a fan or from vibrations, then allow the pendulum to come to a complete stop before starting this exercise.

psychokinesis exercise - down to the meat of it

Allow your mind to become one with the pendulum. Use the visualization abilities of your mind to connect your personal energy with the cells of the pendulum and cause the pendulum to move. Some people find this exercise very easy because the pendulum will move with just the slightest touch. Even a breath will make it move. This means you must make every effort to ensure you are not breathing on the pendulum and there are not sources of movement that might make the pendulum move.

Your job is to figure out what works best for you to help you move the pendulum. Some people find that things work best for them when they think of it in terms of energy. Others do it best by using visualization. Still others find sheer force of will is what works for them.

Choose one way to try it and work at that for a while. If that does not work after several days of trying, switch to another way. You do not want to switch back and forth too much because it usually takes many attempts no matter which way you choose and most people can eventually do it no matter which way they try once they have exercised their brain power enough.

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