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Choosing the right Dowsing Pendulum for you

Pendulums come in many shapes and sizes. They can be as simple as a ring hanging from a string to as complicated as a precision balanced, gold plated pendulum with genuine gemstones adorning the chain. Each pendulum has its own special benefits; there is no perfect pendulum for everyone.

In fact, the best Pendulum for you is 100% a personal decision. A pendulum may call out to you. You may decide to purchase a pendulum and know you want a specific stone bob. Someone else may seek out specific added abilities in the Dowsing Pendulum they choose. Still others are attracted to a specific shape or color within their pendulum.

It is usually best to allow your psychic voice to guide you in your decision. Follow your instincts. If a specific pendulum seems to call to you, or you find one that makes your heart sing, you have probably found the perfect one for you.

If none seems to call out to you, or if you just cannot decide which would be the best, clasp the pendulum in your left hand. Hold your fist slightly above your navel and pay attention to any feelings you have in your stomach. If the feelings are unpleasant or painful, it is not the right pendulum for you. If the feelings are light and airy, or they tickle a little, then you have a good one for you.

It is fine to start out with a simple, plain pendulum. Later, if you want something fancier, trade up to one you prefer. Just do not get trapped into the thinking that the more it costs, the better it is, and that simply is not the truth.

Pendulums work with what I call, "fine energy". We cannot readily see this type of energy with our eyes. A pendulums worth is in how well you can use it to tap into those fine energies.

A basic pendulum can be comprised of nothing more than a simple "bob" with a string attached. I have seen pendulums where people add various gemstones and beads to the string (or chain) and I saw a photo of one years ago that had diamonds set into a platinum chain with a large quartz crystal shaped into a perfectly weighted bob, then encrusted around the top with rubies and sapphires. If you have the cash laying around, feel free to spend it. Just know it is not necessary.

Therefore, it really is a personal decision on what your pendulum is comprised of and how it looks. Follow your heart and your psychic voice when choosing your pendulum and you will do fine.

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