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How to Use Isochronic Tones to Increase Telekinesis

As mentioned in our last article on Isochronic Tones, the entire field of study is in it infancy and therefore no one has all the answers on whether or not any of it actually works, why it works for some and not for others or whether it is safe to use. Therefore the following information is listed only for those that wish to experiment with sound waves and is not intended to guarantee any results or the safety of using the information. Use at your own risk.

As more and more information comes out regarding the results of everyone’s experimentation with Isochronic Tones, specific ways of using the technology will emerge. However at this point in time, there could still be untried ways of using the technology. I personally enjoy trying new ways of working with the tones to see what results I get.

n other words there are no right or wrong ways of using Isochronic Tones. Most people that have been experimenting for some time believe using a specific tone, without any background music or noise, for a minimum of 15 minutes at a time works best and longer time frames are even better. I tend to agree that for most people, the lack of distraction and the longest time frame possible is best. For many people however, what is best does not fit into their life. It is often hard to find the time to sit through a 15 minute recording, much less sitting undistracted for an hour or more.

I happen to be one of those people so I spent a lot of time trying to find ways around this problem. My research shows for me at least, if I can spend a long time frame listening to tones with background music, I can get the same results. It is simply a matter of finding how long I must listen to the tones with the background music.

When I am working with a specific tone, I believe in attempting to get full immersion in that tone, spending as much time as possible listening to it. But let's face it, a plain Isochronic Tone listened to for an extended amount of time, can get on your nerves, especially when that tone one that is somewhat energizing.

To overcome this problem, I downloaded a wide assortment of free, royalty free music from the internet. (Google royalty free music) and produced several hours worth of music, with my chosen Isochronic Tone backed to the music.

I could listen to the music and still hear the tones in the background, where they were having an affect on my brainwaves. This allowed me to listen for hours and as long as the purpose of the tone was not to produce sleep or relaxation, I could pretty much go through the brainwave entrainment for hours at a time instead of just 15 minutes or so.

Determining which way of listening produces the best results is more than a little subjective, but I believe the extended time frame more than makes up for the distraction the music causes and believe in time, we will have more definitive proof that both ways do produce results. Besides it is really the individual subjects life style that should determine which is the best format to work with.

For the personal researchers using Isochronic Tones to further their research, it is up to people like you to determine through your research which is the most productive way to work with the tones. Don't feel like you have to do things a specific way simply because most everyone else is doing their research a specific way. It is through trial and error that the field of study will advance and hopefully one day take its rightful place in the midst of what is currently considered true science.

How to make isochronic tones

How to make isochronic tones is well beyond the scope of this article and would require multiple pages to teach you how to make them. Yet with the free software listed above, most people can figure out how to mix their own music with no problems.

To get you started, we have included a free 1 minute isochronic tone based on the 8th higher octave of 7.83 htz which is the first Schumann Resonance, which is basically the natural earth wavelength. There is much more to it than that, but again, it is a subject that is beyond the scope of this article.

To download the tone, simply right click the link provided and choose to 'save as' on your computer. It is an mp3 file and can be played on any computer or mp3 player. Experimental Isochronic Tone for Telekinesis

Once you have downloaded the tone, you can use free software such as Audacity, to make copies of the tone and add them together to create a tone as long as you like. You can also back the tone with your favorite music and upload it to an mp3 player to listen as long as you like.

If listening to the plain tone for a long period of time doesn't bother you, you can simply set your mp2 player to repeatedly play the tone over and over again.

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