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Random Number Generator (RNG) - Coin Flip Experiment

Time to do some brain exercises! Let's see if you can influence a random coin flip.

Telekinesis is known more for moving solid objects, but the same energies that create the psychic phenomena of telekinesis, can also be used to affect the chance flip of a coin.

There are two ways you can attempt to influence the chance flip of a coin. You can use a coin, or if you do not have one handy, we have found a true random number generator available free online. This generator uses a wide assortment of coins. You can pick and choose both the number of coins and the denomination of the coin you want to use.

Your goal is to influence the outcome of the flip of a coin. To be legitimate, your research must be performed enough times to show that your efforts have had an affect that goes beyond chance. There are only 2 choices, heads or tails and chance would average a 50% correct rate.

To be a statistical anomaly, you should rank higher than a 50% correct rate over the course of at least several hundred tries. One of the easiest ways to do this is to work in sets of 50 or 100. Keep a tally of your correct flips. Over the course of multiple sets, you should start to see a higher than basic odds results.

It is important to remember, you are NOT trying to use psychic abilities to know what the outcome of the next coin flip will be, you are attempting to change the next coin flip to be what you choose it to be. This is best accomplished by choosing either heads or tails at the start of your exercise set, and staying with it throughout the entire set of exercises.

In other words, if you choose heads, you should do the entire set of 50 to 100 attempts, trying to force heads to come up. If you get over 50% of the flips to come up heads, and you continue to get better than 50% over the course of multiple sets, you have a statistical anomaly.

If you visit you will find a true random coin flip program that is perfect for your experiments. When you reach the point constantly showing beyond statistical anomaly, they also have a dice roll you can try to influence and other random number programs that will offer advanced level exercises.

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